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Francesca Balaguer :: Creativity is Contagious

Sarah Bocket

I have been sooo slow on posting about this.... But let me introduce you to this wonderfully fun and awesome photo series I was in a few months ago.

Creativity is Contagious: Portraits of Handmade Success
A series of portraits taken in a pop-up photobooth, featuring local Los Angeles crafters, artists and designers.

Francesca became a good friend in the process, which I couldn't of been happier about. Now she has left the US to start her new crafting and married life in Manila, Philippines.

I'm still shocked by what she pulled out of me that day.

It took three of us an hour to paint my arm in dots and I would love any excuse to do it again!

You should take a look at all the other amazing photos of other very talented and just down right good people:
Creativity is Contagious

Make sure to see all of her other work on her site. You won't regret it!

Thanks to Francesca for everything!