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New dot lettering!

Sarah Bocket

Hey friends it's been awhile!! As you can gather I haven't been doing much in the dotted bowl arena these days, but I have been up to some new stuff: DOTTED LETTERS!

I put some stuff up on society6 if you're interested in a print or a tote bag or a pillow or clock or numerous other awesome things they have on the site. I'm having a lot of fun with this, so stay tuned for more!

Don't worry the prints are available in all objects! 

Happy 2015 dot friends!

Sarah Bocket

A new year and great time to start things off right. I decided to spend this occasion in Iceland and let me tell you, it was quite a magical way to ring in the new year! The whole city surrounding Reykjavik sets off their own fireworks and the place erupts in a breathtaking show. There's only around 4 hours of daylight but there's something beautiful about how an extended dawn moves directly into an extended sunset.

Now I need to go back in the summertime to feel that magic.... 

Coming soon.

Sarah Bocket

My wonderfully talented photographer friend Misha Ashton always finds the best bowls around Portland, OR. This is the newest batch I got from her and I'm excited to get cranking on these!

New color patterns!

Sarah Bocket

Say hello to the new members of the dot family!! I've been wanting to make a pattern with gold and one with mostly green for awhile now. After my wonderful bout with the flu last week, it finally came together! It's like after a long forced rest my mind was able to be clear. I'm putting them into production now and will have them in the shop in a few weeks. I've got a lot of bowls I'm working on, so check back soon for lots of great stuff!

And we're back!! My Etsy Shop is open again!

Sarah Bocket

Hi dot friends! It took me a lot longer than I wanted, but the dots are back for sale. Check it out HERE!

I'm working on a lot more bowls, so check back soon to see what I'm creating.

Yay! I'm super happy to be back at it again, and just in time for the holidays.

The dots are going into winter hibernation.

Sarah Bocket

This crazy winter here on the East Coast is putting a few things into hibernation right now and I'm taking this as a hint to take a much needed break. But soon enough it will be spring and there's going to be a ton a of new dot stuff happening! As always I'm billowing with ideas I can't wait to try out.

Make sure to keep up with me here or on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or wherever you like follow! I'll be going on adventures, exploring my still new home of New York City, setting up an awesome work studio, and figuring out some new things like dotted Alphabet flash cards!

The Bocket Store is now set to vacation on Etsy, but if you have urgent dot needs feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do for you!

Thanks so much everyone, you guys are the best!

Change is a beautiful thing : I moved to Brooklyn

Sarah Bocket

Sometimes in life there's comes a time to change. If you feel like life has more to offer you, then go out there and find it. So I moved to New York two weeks ago.


It's exciting (and exhausting) to pack up your whole life and shed all that extra stuff you've accumulated over the years. I  took only what fit in my small car and it feels great.

The dots are going to be on a little bit of a hiatus while I get myself settled in. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy hanging out here, exploring the city, stay busy working freelance jobs, pet/house sitting, and eating delicious food.

My travels took me through beautiful places, check out what I saw on my intense four day journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic!

Day 1 : gas station/oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert

Day 2 : best place to stay in Gallup, New Mexico

Day 2 : driving into the storm - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Sandstone Bluffs - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Natural Arch - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Ancient Lava Flows - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Cracks in the lava - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Continental Divide - New Mexico

Day 3 : Oklahoma/Texas state line

Day 3 : When I got far enough east, I stopped at the first Waffle House I could find - Oklahoma City

Day 4 : After a lot of not fun stops and tons of driving, here I am somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Day 4: Made it to the Atlantic Ocean - Cape May, New Jersey (picture from the morning after)

Day 4: Not a shabby new hometown for my parents - Cape May, New Jersey (picture from the morning after)

Brooklyn Renegade is happening in a week : June 22+23 !!

Sarah Bocket

Well I'm excited to be bringing the dots back to NYC! I'm busy finishing up the last of the bowls and I'll be heading to the east coast early next week. This year I'm also sharing my booth with my wonderful friend Misha Ashton Photography. The dots and photos are back together again!! This makes me even more excited!

So if you're in NYC and want to get yourself some dots and also have a great weekend, come on by!

June 22+23
East River State Park (Willaimsburg Waterfront)
As always it's free to attend!

My Etsy store is back open my friends.

Sarah Bocket

I am officially back from vacation on Etsy! I started to fill up my shop today and I have a ton more to post. Plus soon my new drinking glasses will be available too! I just got a whole case full of them and I'm excited to put lots of gold dots on them.

I'm also going with a cleaner more wood based look this year and I'm very excited. It means more fun staining for me! Yay!

New dot glass products coming out this spring!

Sarah Bocket

Now you know I love the wooden bowls with all my heart but how about a fully functional and usable dotted product? I am pleased to be welcoming hand-painted drinking glasses this spring! Right now I'm working out my specific patterns and styles. Think mid century. Think gold. Think brass. Think splashes of bright color and frosted white. And on top of all that, they will be completely food safe, detergent safe, and even dishwasher safe. I guess the only thing they won't be able to fight is gravity, but we all deal with that pretty ok on a day to day basis.

The dots have been spotted on DesignLoveFest today.

Sarah Bocket

I made a whole bunch of little notebooks (the most in one sitting I've ever done: 30+) for DesignLoveFest's Blogshop a couple months ago. They've done a great blog post today about the event and you can see (a bit out of focus) my favorite little notebooks up there. Thanks guys!

Full post HERE. Looks like they had loads of fun.