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Busy as a bee!

Sarah Bocket

I know I've been kinda quiet here on the internet lately. I'm spending the fall in NYC working a non-dot freelance job and the weather has been TOUGH. It's messed with all my shipping and even walking down the street sometimes. Everything for me has finally come back to normalcy now it seems. (Post offices are still closed though!!) But thanks to the most wonderful feature on Etsy on Halloween day, all my extra time is filled with painting. I'm so happy the dots are loved by so many of you out there. You're the ones that keep me going late at night, dot by dot.

Keep checking back to Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you get your dot updates. I'm woking on lots of bowls right now and acquiring many more right now too!!

If you missed the feature check it out HERE!

See some of my day to day adventures here in NYC on Instagram. They just started having official account pages. It's fun to see all my pictures in one place!