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Help support my friend self publishing her second Lomography book!

Sarah Bocket

It's really exciting that my very good and talented friend Misha of Misha Ashton Photography is self publishing her second Adventures in Lomography book! If you don't know about her, do yourself a favor and look through her countless beautiful (all analogue) photographs and help support this big undertaking of hers. I created the Kickstarter video for her so check it out everyone and let's make the second book in her series happen! This time around she's focusing on her childhood hometown of New Orleans so it has a special place in her heart and she wants to show the world what the city looks like through her lens.

Support HERE!

Misha and I meet up and travel together all over the country to do shows and fairs. You could say my dots and her photos are very good friends as well! I was happy to join her on a week long trip to New Orleans last year and had such a wonderful time. I'm super excited to see this competed!!!