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Change is a beautiful thing : I moved to Brooklyn

Sarah Bocket

Sometimes in life there's comes a time to change. If you feel like life has more to offer you, then go out there and find it. So I moved to New York two weeks ago.


It's exciting (and exhausting) to pack up your whole life and shed all that extra stuff you've accumulated over the years. I  took only what fit in my small car and it feels great.

The dots are going to be on a little bit of a hiatus while I get myself settled in. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy hanging out here, exploring the city, stay busy working freelance jobs, pet/house sitting, and eating delicious food.

My travels took me through beautiful places, check out what I saw on my intense four day journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic!

Day 1 : gas station/oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert

Day 2 : best place to stay in Gallup, New Mexico

Day 2 : driving into the storm - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Sandstone Bluffs - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Natural Arch - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Ancient Lava Flows - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Cracks in the lava - El Malpais National Monument - Grants, New Mexico

Day 2 : Continental Divide - New Mexico

Day 3 : Oklahoma/Texas state line

Day 3 : When I got far enough east, I stopped at the first Waffle House I could find - Oklahoma City

Day 4 : After a lot of not fun stops and tons of driving, here I am somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Day 4: Made it to the Atlantic Ocean - Cape May, New Jersey (picture from the morning after)

Day 4: Not a shabby new hometown for my parents - Cape May, New Jersey (picture from the morning after)