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Part 1 of the Dots and Photos Tour is complete!

Sarah Bocket

Misha and I are now back from our wonderful, epic, and amazing trip to Alabama and New Orleans!! Although we had the slight misfortune at the end with the car breaking down..... leaving us stranded in Fort Stockton, the now familiar small town in the middle of West Texas. We were rescued, car and all, by friends in Las Cruces New Mexico, 3 hours away, and that is where I left Misha to get her car fixed while I flew home to get back for a non-dot job.

BUT we have our blog in full swing now! So be sure to check it out HERE. We'll be posting more stuff soon as we recover from all we've been through. Our drive out there and the start of the DooNanny is up, including our ventures into the Saguaro National Park, The Queen Mine Tour, White Sands National Monument, Roswell, and Carlsbad Caverns. What absolute fun!