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New dot lettering!

Sarah Bocket

Hey friends it's been awhile!! As you can gather I haven't been doing much in the dotted bowl arena these days, but I have been up to some new stuff: DOTTED LETTERS!

I put some stuff up on society6 if you're interested in a print or a tote bag or a pillow or clock or numerous other awesome things they have on the site. I'm having a lot of fun with this, so stay tuned for more!

Don't worry the prints are available in all objects! 

New color patterns!

Sarah Bocket

Say hello to the new members of the dot family!! I've been wanting to make a pattern with gold and one with mostly green for awhile now. After my wonderful bout with the flu last week, it finally came together! It's like after a long forced rest my mind was able to be clear. I'm putting them into production now and will have them in the shop in a few weeks. I've got a lot of bowls I'm working on, so check back soon for lots of great stuff!

The dots are going into winter hibernation.

Sarah Bocket

This crazy winter here on the East Coast is putting a few things into hibernation right now and I'm taking this as a hint to take a much needed break. But soon enough it will be spring and there's going to be a ton a of new dot stuff happening! As always I'm billowing with ideas I can't wait to try out.

Make sure to keep up with me here or on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or wherever you like follow! I'll be going on adventures, exploring my still new home of New York City, setting up an awesome work studio, and figuring out some new things like dotted Alphabet flash cards!

The Bocket Store is now set to vacation on Etsy, but if you have urgent dot needs feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do for you!

Thanks so much everyone, you guys are the best!

Brooklyn Renegade is happening in a week : June 22+23 !!

Sarah Bocket

Well I'm excited to be bringing the dots back to NYC! I'm busy finishing up the last of the bowls and I'll be heading to the east coast early next week. This year I'm also sharing my booth with my wonderful friend Misha Ashton Photography. The dots and photos are back together again!! This makes me even more excited!

So if you're in NYC and want to get yourself some dots and also have a great weekend, come on by!

June 22+23
East River State Park (Willaimsburg Waterfront)
As always it's free to attend!

My Etsy store is back open my friends.

Sarah Bocket

I am officially back from vacation on Etsy! I started to fill up my shop today and I have a ton more to post. Plus soon my new drinking glasses will be available too! I just got a whole case full of them and I'm excited to put lots of gold dots on them.

I'm also going with a cleaner more wood based look this year and I'm very excited. It means more fun staining for me! Yay!

The dots have been spotted on DesignLoveFest today.

Sarah Bocket

I made a whole bunch of little notebooks (the most in one sitting I've ever done: 30+) for DesignLoveFest's Blogshop a couple months ago. They've done a great blog post today about the event and you can see (a bit out of focus) my favorite little notebooks up there. Thanks guys!

Full post HERE. Looks like they had loads of fun.

My Etsy Store is going on vacation.

Sarah Bocket

It is time for the dots and I to take a much needed break. I've got big plans for the dots, so I need the time to make all the new wonderful new products that I've been dreaming about. I'll be on vacation starting Sunday night and won't be back until May. Grab some dots while you can!! ------> Etsy Store

These are all that are left my friends. But if you happen to live in Portland OR, Kansas City MO, or Chicago IL, you will be able to get your dots fresh off the shelves. (Chicago store still pending at this point in time.)

It's time for the Renegade Craft Fairs in California!

Sarah Bocket

Renegade Holiday Craft Fair time has begun and I'm just taking up the last leg of the shows in California. I'm only doing these two shows, so if you live near there, come and get your dots in person!

First up this weekend Dec 8 + 9 the dots and I will be in Los Angeles.
LA Historic Park
10a - 5p

Second show for the dots is on Dec 15 + 16 in San Francisco.
Concourse Exhibition Center
11a - 6p

Check out the website for all the artists that will be there and info about the workshops, gift wrap stations, and all sort of fun stuff going on: Renegade Craft

I've been in NYC until now and I'm ready for some warm weather again! See ya there!!

Thanks for the blog post Etsy!!!!

Sarah Bocket

The dots and I are just so happy that the silent movie I made about how I paint my dots was posted up on the Etsy Blog last Friday and then they also featured me on their Etsy Finds daily email two days ago. YAY!! Although it's kind of weird to think about how my black and white face was sent and seen all over the world....

If it weren't for my friends and a dot fan on my facebook page I wouldn't of known about the postings. Thanks everyone!!! And thank you Etsy for saying such nice things about me and for even finding my little dot store and letting the Etsy community know about me!

Check out the post on Etsy.

I'm filling up my Etsy store with tons of dots.

Sarah Bocket

Most people would say FINALLY to this. Haha as would I! This year has been very tough for me to keep the store fully stocked. I've done so much traveling and producing for fairs and orders that I sadly let my online store lag. I'm really sorry everyone, I didn't mean for it to keep happening. Well it's being filled to the max now! Well as max as I can go. I'm also working on getting the rest of my color patterns available soon as iPhone covers and tote bags may just be in the near future as well....

Here's a peak at some of the lovely new bowls up on Etsy. I'll be adding more this week too. Taking photos at my parents house turned out really well. They have a bunch of amazing old books and postcards and letters sent to my great great Aunt from France at the turn of the 20th century. I love it!

Training across America.

Sarah Bocket

This fall I decided to do my traveling a little different. I drove so much this past year that I thought it was time to give someone else the chance. Like a conductor on a train! I took Amtrak from Los Angeles to Chicago and after the Chicago Renegade Fair (and some serious down time) I left from there to Connecticut to visit my parents. What an amazing way to travel! I knew I would like it from the start! From the leisurely pace, the scenery that passes before you, the variety of people you meet, to even making reservations in the dining car, it was wonderful. I'm completely sold on doing it again!

Southwest Chief : Farewell LA

Southwest Chief : good morning New Mexico

Southwest Chief : Caboose view

Southwest Chief : Observation Car

Southwest Chief : Good morning Kansas City

Southwest Chief : Dining Car

Southwest Chief : Crossing the Mississippi

Southwest Chief : Hello Chicago

Lake Shore Limited : Good morning Amtrak

Lake Shore Limited : Leaving Chicago on the night train

Lake Shore Limited : Dining Car Hallway

Lake Shore Limited : Tall sunny Dining Car

Lake Shore Limited : Cafe Car stopped in upstate NY

Lake Shore Limited : Exit window view

Lake Shore Limited : Arriving in New England

All of these photos I just took on my iPhone4S using the Instagram or VSCO cam app.

It is the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair time!

Sarah Bocket

It's nice to have the Renegade Fair in the town I live in. All I have to do is drive 15 min down the street and see amazing talented friends, eat yummy food, and hang outside in some lovely Southern California weather.

I have some special things this summer for the show. The cool mini postcard business cards from Moo, I have some thrifted books I've been wanting to use as displays, plus this amazing pair of pants I found a few days ago.

Let's hang out everyone and have a great weekend!