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I'm filling up my Etsy store with tons of dots.

Sarah Bocket

Most people would say FINALLY to this. Haha as would I! This year has been very tough for me to keep the store fully stocked. I've done so much traveling and producing for fairs and orders that I sadly let my online store lag. I'm really sorry everyone, I didn't mean for it to keep happening. Well it's being filled to the max now! Well as max as I can go. I'm also working on getting the rest of my color patterns available soon as iPhone covers and tote bags may just be in the near future as well....

Here's a peak at some of the lovely new bowls up on Etsy. I'll be adding more this week too. Taking photos at my parents house turned out really well. They have a bunch of amazing old books and postcards and letters sent to my great great Aunt from France at the turn of the 20th century. I love it!