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New color patterns!

Sarah Bocket

Say hello to the new members of the dot family!! I've been wanting to make a pattern with gold and one with mostly green for awhile now. After my wonderful bout with the flu last week, it finally came together! It's like after a long forced rest my mind was able to be clear. I'm putting them into production now and will have them in the shop in a few weeks. I've got a lot of bowls I'm working on, so check back soon for lots of great stuff!

New dot glass products coming out this spring!

Sarah Bocket

Now you know I love the wooden bowls with all my heart but how about a fully functional and usable dotted product? I am pleased to be welcoming hand-painted drinking glasses this spring! Right now I'm working out my specific patterns and styles. Think mid century. Think gold. Think brass. Think splashes of bright color and frosted white. And on top of all that, they will be completely food safe, detergent safe, and even dishwasher safe. I guess the only thing they won't be able to fight is gravity, but we all deal with that pretty ok on a day to day basis.