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Help support my friend self publishing her second Lomography book!

Sarah Bocket

It's really exciting that my very good and talented friend Misha of Misha Ashton Photography is self publishing her second Adventures in Lomography book! If you don't know about her, do yourself a favor and look through her countless beautiful (all analogue) photographs and help support this big undertaking of hers. I created the Kickstarter video for her so check it out everyone and let's make the second book in her series happen! This time around she's focusing on her childhood hometown of New Orleans so it has a special place in her heart and she wants to show the world what the city looks like through her lens.

Support HERE!

Misha and I meet up and travel together all over the country to do shows and fairs. You could say my dots and her photos are very good friends as well! I was happy to join her on a week long trip to New Orleans last year and had such a wonderful time. I'm super excited to see this competed!!!

Train Trip back west across the country.

Sarah Bocket

I came back to the West Coast 2 weeks ago after being gone for almost 4 months. I had a great time on the East Coast and a wonderful experience taking the train there back in September (check out my pics HERE). It was time to take it once again across the country. For me it was about the slow easy going pace and the forced relaxation the train rides gives you. Plus I had a lot of stuff with me which would of made plane travel extremely un-fun and stressful. 

I went from Connecticut to Chicago to Portland and back down to LA. I stopped twice to see family and friends but the real reason was just to ride the rails. And what a great time it was!

My Etsy Store is going on vacation.

Sarah Bocket

It is time for the dots and I to take a much needed break. I've got big plans for the dots, so I need the time to make all the new wonderful new products that I've been dreaming about. I'll be on vacation starting Sunday night and won't be back until May. Grab some dots while you can!! ------> Etsy Store

These are all that are left my friends. But if you happen to live in Portland OR, Kansas City MO, or Chicago IL, you will be able to get your dots fresh off the shelves. (Chicago store still pending at this point in time.)

It's time for the Renegade Craft Fairs in California!

Sarah Bocket

Renegade Holiday Craft Fair time has begun and I'm just taking up the last leg of the shows in California. I'm only doing these two shows, so if you live near there, come and get your dots in person!

First up this weekend Dec 8 + 9 the dots and I will be in Los Angeles.
LA Historic Park
10a - 5p

Second show for the dots is on Dec 15 + 16 in San Francisco.
Concourse Exhibition Center
11a - 6p

Check out the website for all the artists that will be there and info about the workshops, gift wrap stations, and all sort of fun stuff going on: Renegade Craft

I've been in NYC until now and I'm ready for some warm weather again! See ya there!!

Busy as a bee!

Sarah Bocket

I know I've been kinda quiet here on the internet lately. I'm spending the fall in NYC working a non-dot freelance job and the weather has been TOUGH. It's messed with all my shipping and even walking down the street sometimes. Everything for me has finally come back to normalcy now it seems. (Post offices are still closed though!!) But thanks to the most wonderful feature on Etsy on Halloween day, all my extra time is filled with painting. I'm so happy the dots are loved by so many of you out there. You're the ones that keep me going late at night, dot by dot.

Keep checking back to Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you get your dot updates. I'm woking on lots of bowls right now and acquiring many more right now too!!

If you missed the feature check it out HERE!

See some of my day to day adventures here in NYC on Instagram. They just started having official account pages. It's fun to see all my pictures in one place!

Thanks for the blog post Etsy!!!!

Sarah Bocket

The dots and I are just so happy that the silent movie I made about how I paint my dots was posted up on the Etsy Blog last Friday and then they also featured me on their Etsy Finds daily email two days ago. YAY!! Although it's kind of weird to think about how my black and white face was sent and seen all over the world....

If it weren't for my friends and a dot fan on my facebook page I wouldn't of known about the postings. Thanks everyone!!! And thank you Etsy for saying such nice things about me and for even finding my little dot store and letting the Etsy community know about me!

Check out the post on Etsy.

I'm filling up my Etsy store with tons of dots.

Sarah Bocket

Most people would say FINALLY to this. Haha as would I! This year has been very tough for me to keep the store fully stocked. I've done so much traveling and producing for fairs and orders that I sadly let my online store lag. I'm really sorry everyone, I didn't mean for it to keep happening. Well it's being filled to the max now! Well as max as I can go. I'm also working on getting the rest of my color patterns available soon as iPhone covers and tote bags may just be in the near future as well....

Here's a peak at some of the lovely new bowls up on Etsy. I'll be adding more this week too. Taking photos at my parents house turned out really well. They have a bunch of amazing old books and postcards and letters sent to my great great Aunt from France at the turn of the 20th century. I love it!

Training across America.

Sarah Bocket

This fall I decided to do my traveling a little different. I drove so much this past year that I thought it was time to give someone else the chance. Like a conductor on a train! I took Amtrak from Los Angeles to Chicago and after the Chicago Renegade Fair (and some serious down time) I left from there to Connecticut to visit my parents. What an amazing way to travel! I knew I would like it from the start! From the leisurely pace, the scenery that passes before you, the variety of people you meet, to even making reservations in the dining car, it was wonderful. I'm completely sold on doing it again!

Southwest Chief : Farewell LA

Southwest Chief : good morning New Mexico

Southwest Chief : Caboose view

Southwest Chief : Observation Car

Southwest Chief : Good morning Kansas City

Southwest Chief : Dining Car

Southwest Chief : Crossing the Mississippi

Southwest Chief : Hello Chicago

Lake Shore Limited : Good morning Amtrak

Lake Shore Limited : Leaving Chicago on the night train

Lake Shore Limited : Dining Car Hallway

Lake Shore Limited : Tall sunny Dining Car

Lake Shore Limited : Cafe Car stopped in upstate NY

Lake Shore Limited : Exit window view

Lake Shore Limited : Arriving in New England

All of these photos I just took on my iPhone4S using the Instagram or VSCO cam app.

The 10th Annual Chicago Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend

Sarah Bocket

It's time for the dots to come out to Chicago!! I am on an Amtrak train and have been making my way from Los Angeles for two days! We've had a great journey and now we're ready for a great weekend.

Come on out if you find yourself in Chicago! It's their 10th anniversery so you know they will have some amazing things up their sleeves.

It is the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair time!

Sarah Bocket

It's nice to have the Renegade Fair in the town I live in. All I have to do is drive 15 min down the street and see amazing talented friends, eat yummy food, and hang outside in some lovely Southern California weather.

I have some special things this summer for the show. The cool mini postcard business cards from Moo, I have some thrifted books I've been wanting to use as displays, plus this amazing pair of pants I found a few days ago.

Let's hang out everyone and have a great weekend!

National Park Mini Postcard Business Cards

Sarah Bocket

This year for doing the California Renegade Craft Fairs we were offered free business cards from Moo. I decided to create some special cards that look like mini postcards. I used photos from a bunch of the National Parks I've been visiting lately. Plus they have a cute Renegade watermark on them. They're so adorable! I'll have them at the LA Renegade Fair on July 28 +29. I'm so excited!!

I might have to make more of these in the future..... or just make my own postcards......

Photos from the road trip to and from Brooklyn.

Sarah Bocket

Once again another large scale road trip is complete! We drove across the US from Portland to NYC along the the top of the country. The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn was the destination the rest was just because we can.

Saw buffalo in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Got close to the imposing Devils Tower National Monument in Eastern Wyoming. Looked in awe at the badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Western North Dakota. And finally was surrounded by the incredible beauty of Glacier National Park in Montana.

What an amazing country we have.

See the full Flickr set HERE.

to Brooklyn by land! (via Portland)

Sarah Bocket

It is time once again to pack up the dots and head out of town. I'm driving up to Portland, hopping in Misha's car, and then we are head east to Brooklyn for the Renegade Craft Fair.

This is our itinerary and we're going to be seeing amazing places once again!! Yay!

Photos from the drive to and from the Austin Renegade Craft Fair

Sarah Bocket

The dots and I along with Misha of Misha Ashton Photography completed our second Dots + Photos Tour adventure! Well completed like two weeks ago, but whatever, check out some of my pictures from the trip. (Finally having the newest iPhone makes taking pictures so much more fun!)

We drove to Austin via the Petrified Forest National Park and Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de Shay) National Monument then from Austin we went to Big Bend National Park and Marfa Texas. Can't get enough.

I'll be uploading more photos to flickr soon and follow my trail while I'm on the road through instagram : @thebocket

Stuff I'm painting

Sarah Bocket

Things are SUPER busy around here for me. Isn't that always the case? I know I'm also not the best at posting things about the dots in any timely manner.... so I thought I'd share a few things I'm working on.

I'm in love with that half painted ball!

Next fairs are coming up fast. Heading to Seattle and then to Brooklyn next week. Lots of dots to paint!

Part 2 of the Dots and Photos tour begins! Los Angeles & Austin.

Sarah Bocket

Los Angeles to Petrified Forest to Canyon De Chelly to Buffalo Gap to Austin to Big Bend to Marfa.

Here we come! We just finished up a busy Spring Unique LA show and now we're off to Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair via pretty places and open landscapes. Make sure to check out the Dots & Photos Tumblr for all our up to date road trip adventures!

Part 1 of the Dots and Photos Tour is complete!

Sarah Bocket

Misha and I are now back from our wonderful, epic, and amazing trip to Alabama and New Orleans!! Although we had the slight misfortune at the end with the car breaking down..... leaving us stranded in Fort Stockton, the now familiar small town in the middle of West Texas. We were rescued, car and all, by friends in Las Cruces New Mexico, 3 hours away, and that is where I left Misha to get her car fixed while I flew home to get back for a non-dot job.

BUT we have our blog in full swing now! So be sure to check it out HERE. We'll be posting more stuff soon as we recover from all we've been through. Our drive out there and the start of the DooNanny is up, including our ventures into the Saguaro National Park, The Queen Mine Tour, White Sands National Monument, Roswell, and Carlsbad Caverns. What absolute fun!

The Coast to Coast Tour begins!!

Sarah Bocket

It is time! Part 1 of the Dots + Photos tour begins now. We are headed this week enroute to our first art fairs together and traveling through the southern USA seeing some pretty awesome places. Huge cacti. White sand dunes in New Mexico. Explore deep caves with lanterns. Ride into an old mine on a train. Camping under the stars. Driving down beautiful open back roads.

Follow us along while we post photos and such on our tumblr blog: Dots + Photos

Adventure awaits!!